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NPPFA Benefits

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The National Public Pension Fund Association was created and modeled after the National Association of Pension Funds. NPPFA is the National Public Employee Benefit Association  and have been developed to offer low cost benefit programs to public employees. Nationally, there is a strong need for supplemental retirement programs that are delivered at a low cost and high quality service.  The Association can partner with other Assocations and State wide pension systems to offer quality supplemental benefits to their participants. 

The foundation of a strong retirement is a Defined Benefit Pension.  NPPFA has created a product which incorporated quality plan design and pricing to help public sector employees, regardless of size, achieve greater retirement plan account balances in their supplemental defined contribution Plan.

NPPFA believes no employee should have less money at retirement just because they work for an employer that does not have the size to negotiate large case pricing.

By pooling the access to all public sector workers, NPPFA was able to negotiate a program that normally would require a single employer to have 50 million dollars in assets available to be deposited into the plan before this fee structure would be available. Currently, there are over 200 units of government participating in the co-op across the United States and with over $500 million of assets